In 2017, the Festival celebrates ‘Culture & Tolerance’, a theme which highlights the vision of the UAE Ministry of Tolerance, launched by UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2016. Culture is a path that enables societies to better understand each other while countering the influences that lead to fear and exclusion. Tolerance is the freely-given acceptance of differences that are seen as positive and valued. By respecting, welcoming and celebrating our differences through all forms of art, culture becomes a platform for people to embrace diversity and explore the concept of ‘togetherness’.


Abu Dhabi Festival commissions new works across the spectrum of art forms. From international performances which promote the culture of the Arab World and music releases encapsulating the best of regional music talent, to visual arts pieces that celebrate the depth of locally based practitioners, each year new work is brought to audiences in Abu Dhabi and across the world.


Presented with Chopard, the Abu Dhabi Festival Award is given annually to individuals for outstanding lifetime contributions to arts and culture.





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